Posted: 05/24/2011 in Life

So I am extremely frustrated at technology. I have a desktop at home to store my photography, music, and all around my life, and then I have a mini laptop for on the go. Well this past weekend we had tremendously bad storms in our area consisting of tornadoes, thunderstorms, heavy rains, high winds, and hail. It was not fun, but we needed it badly. I decided that to save my computer from the electrical surges, that I knew were going to hit us, I turned off my desktop and for 3 days I left it off to sit on my desk. Monday morning, I get up and notice it isn’t storming as bad and the sky is clearing, so I go and turn my computer on. The first thing I notice is it doesn’t make the usual whirring sound as it starts. It gets past the first screen and the monitor goes black. White words pop up saying that 3 files are corrupted. corrupted? like as in a virus? I don’t even have internet, how can my computer have a virus? so I get the computer to the boot menu and I select Safe Mode, it goes through the usual stuff and then freezes on one of the several lines of command prompt, so I restart it. I take it to the boot menu again and this time select Last Known Configuration and it looks like its gonna work for a few seconds then it restarts itself and takes itself back to the boot up menu. So I try this a few more times and then I try the bios settings,, nothing there can help me, and right as im bout to exit the whole thing shuts down and goes silent. I attempt to turn it back on it beeps a few times and turns back off. this repeats 7 more times. So I decide to put my hard drive in another computer shell and try again, thinking its the tower itself. I turn it on and the same startup stuff happens and then it turns off again. I take my hard drive out and put a blank one in that only has the standard stuff in it and try to boot it again, my hard drive killed the whole thing. I have lost ALL of my music, my thousands upon thousands of photography all my 3,000 songs, my recordings, everything. I wasn’t told to have a backup i wasn’t told anything. The only thing that messed up before this happened was a message would pop up anytime it tried to hibernate. I mean… seriously? it’s not hooked up to the internet so how on earth did I get a computer killing virus on my ard drive?


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