About Me


25 All About Me Questions Survey from Quizopolis.com

Name: – Jo’Dee Lynn Rhae Davis
Birthdate: – December 23, 1993
Birth country: – USA
Current location: – Hamilton, Texas
Eye color: – Green
Hair color: – Dark Brown
Height: – 5’4 3/4
Right handed or left? – Right handed
Fave food? – Steak and tators
Fave season? – Winter
Your perfect pizza: – Alfrado Pizza
Best physical feature? – Smile
Thoughts first waking up in the morning? – I can’t wait to go out into the world.
Single or group dates? – Single
Do you smoke? – Heck no
Do you swear? – Sometimes but rarely
Do you want to get married? – heck yes
Do you want kids? – yeah
Do you think you are attractive? – yes
Do you like thunderstorms? – yes
Rainy or sunny? – rainy
Have you drank alcohol in the past month? – no
What about been on drugs? – no
Have you ever been called a tease? – yes
Number of tattoos: – none but i want 5
Number of piercings: – 1 but want 7


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