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So i took my asvab test last november. the national average is 50 i got a 48. I feel kind of stupid. My best friend got a 68, my boyfriend got a 97 and his family got 90’s and 100’s. It kind of makes me frustraated. I want to be a marine and i have been talking to the recruiter but i don’t think i could now. The army recruiters called me yesterday to talk to me and that got me thinking again so… ugh! im so pissed…


When I was 7, I wanted to be a Texas Ranger

When I was 10 I wanted to be a veteranarian

When I turned 13 I wanted to be a singer

when I hit 14 I wanted to be a cheif

When 15 came around I wanted to be a parks and wildlife worker

Then 16 I wanted to be a marine biologist

Finally at 17 I want to be a Social Worker with a minor in parks and wildlife.

I have wanted to be many things in life and i am planning to try for 3 of them. I don’t know how far in life i can make it but i am going to try for as high as i can go…


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I Love Marine animals

I love photography

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I duno why but i love to be infront and behind a camera. I take mine where ever i go just to make sure i dont miss the perfect shot. I love getting the perfect shots because of the fact when i look back on the pictures it make me proud of myself and i know i can do well.

Hello world!

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Hello World! I am Jo’Dee Lynn rhae Davis. I am a Junior At Hamilton High and I am very social. I love photography, Journalism, and sciences. I am planning to go to college to be a social worker and possibly later on a marine biologist. I have a huge family, overall i mean. I have 4 sisters and one soul sister, then i have a brother and 3 soul brothers. By age it goes like this:

Jamey 35- half

Jill 32- half

Leslie 28- half

Michelle 23- half

Taylor 23- half

Victor 22- soul

Kenny 19- soul

Andrew 18- soul


Kara 17- soul

All of my actual siblings except michelle have different moms while michelle has a different dad then me, but the word half is not what i consider them to be. I love my friends and family and they are my number one priority.

I hate drugs, tobaco and alcohal. I dislike people who use them too. Its stupid really. I mean you stress your whole life to getting ahead and then you waste it getting high. Not to mention your face and body gets distorted and you can lose your kids, house, and significant other.

I am not any one thing really. If you walk into my room you will see homecomming mums, old antiques on the wall and mardi gras masks. Most of my furniture is college based plastic bins, plus a metal frame shelving unit. I am country and tomboyish in appearance and friendly and loving in personality. I am loved by many people and im happy with that. I can confidently say any person who has actually gotten to know me pretty much loves me. I am not egosentric, im just confident in myself.

I am planning to be a marine in the future. My grandpa was a marine and my great grandfather was in the army and fought in WWII.

Well Im signing out with a hearty, CYA LATER!!!